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Are you looking for a work in the public space?

Denmark is full of art in public spaces. It has been placed there to benefit us all as we go about our daily business. In squares and streets, parks, roundabouts, etc. Indoors we will typically come across it in the lobbies, canteens, and hallways of all the public buildings we visit or occupy during the week. Here on the website of the KØS collection we are fortunate enough to be able to show a wide selection of the outdoor works that can be found around Denmark. The museum has permission to show Paul Jacobsen’s extensive collection of photographs documenting outdoor art. Ten years ago he embarked on systematically recording outdoor art, a project that has taken him to all parts of the country. At present, he has taken photographs of more than 5,000 works executed by 1,100 Danish artists.

You can search by title, artist, city, zipcode, motif and so on.